Storage Devices Used on Computers

Most of the modern computers and laptops are designed with dedicated Rams. They are capable of recording outputs, storing data and running programs. Storage devices are used for storing data and files. They can be accessed easily by the CPU of the computer. These storage devices include the following:

Primary storage devices

This is the memory of the computer that connects to the CPU. It has evolved into random access memory. This form of storage is very volatile. This means that the user can lose his or her data once the system is switched off. The CPU itself is also used as primary storage. Other storage areas include the processor cache and processor registers. The later contain data that can be accessed quickly. These registers are measured according to the size of data that they can hold. They are classified as 64 bit, 32 bit or 8 bit.Cpu

The processor cache is a memory that is used by the CPU. It is helpful in reducing the amount of time taken to access the primary or main memory. It is used for storing data come from those apps that are frequently used by the CPU. The CPU is supposed to check the main memory during normal operations. This is, in turn, improves the processing time.

Secondary storage devices

These are non-volatile and external. They do not lose data even your devices are switched off. They are an ideal option for string and back-up date. Examples of these storage devices include magnetic and paper tape, flash memory, punch cards. RAM disks, and floppy disks. They can be organized easily into directions and files. They should be formatted before storing data. They don’t have any attachment to the CPU of the computer. This is the main reason why the CPU takes a lot of time to excess them. They are formatted based on the file systems.

Tertiary storage devices

These are other storage devices, but they are not as popular as the rest. They are mainly used for storing data at large-scales. This includes tape libraries and optical jukeboxes. With these devices, you are required to have a database for organizing data which has been stored in them. The stored data is retrieved or accessed by going through the database.jukebox

Offline storage

It is also known as disconnected storage. They are not connected to your device or computer. It is mainly used as a medium for data transfer. These devices are remotely accessed and located as per the user’s needs.