How to Protect Your Computer From Malware

How to Protect Your Computer From Malware

Malware or computer virus is one of the threatening issues that have been disturbing many people. Working with an infected computer is very frustrating, annoying and time-consuming. Viruses are known for slowing down the loading time of computers and infecting other data files.

Some malware is annoying while others are just malicious. Hijackers are the worst culprits. There are many methods of removing these programs from computers. This post is going to discuss the effective measure of protecting your device from malware.

Installing malware software/anti-virus

This is one of the key steps. Some of the home devices do not have malware protection/anti-virus. This protecting is the best step of ensuring that your devices are virus free.anti-virus

Update your anti-virus

Having protection software is not enough. This is just one of the initial steps. This software should always be maintained. Free anti-viruses are better than nothing. This solution is not recommendable. There is security package that is provided by Microsoft for “free.” Users who have windows on their machine are granted access to this package. This means that it is for those guys who have aid for the Windows license. It is one of the decent protections that many people are not aware of.

Running scheduled scans on a regular basis

This is done without using the anti-virus software. It is a step that is forgotten by very many people. Once you have chosen software of your choice, you should make sure that it is run at regular intervals. Preferably it should be done on a weekly basis. It is advisable to run this software at night when the computer is not in use. Users should be cautious enough to make sure that their devices do not shut off automatically. It is very difficult to use your device when this software (anti-virus) is running.

Updating the operating system

Whether you are using Mac OS X, Windows, Linux or the other types of OS, you should always make sure that it is kept up to date. You will find many security patches that plug and fix security leaks. OS developers issue them. They are helpful in keeping the OS secure. Similarly, you should make sure that your anti-virus software is up to date.update OS

Secure your network

Most of the devices are connected to the internet, printers, or files through a Wi-Fi connection. They should have strong passwords of accessing them. Broadcasting open Wi-Fi Connections should also be avoided.…